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A quality body shop exhaust fan is an important part of keeping your garage clean, safe, and up to code. Whenever you work in the automotive industry, your workspace is exposed to hazards in the air. Gasoline, exhaust, paint, stripping chemicals, and other debris can quickly build up and contribute to poor air quality. They can also make it difficult to continue working, as particles in the air will damage a new paint job faster than anything.

Auto shop ventilation fans are also beneficial when you need temperature and humidity controls. High heat in the summer, cold temperatures in the winter, and build-ups of moisture can make it difficult to do your job well. And because investing in a full heating or cooling system might be more than your budget can handle, an auto shop exhaust ventilation system is a low-cost alternative to a complete garage overhaul.

Depending on the size of your workspace and how much ventilation you need, you can choose between 16” ventilation fans, 20” ventilation fans, and 24” ventilation fans, all of which run on a direct drive mechanism. Fully assembled and OSHA approved, you can install these corrosion-resistant piece of equipment and begin using them immediately. Each model will require a compatible shutter fan, though, so be sure to check out our selection to ensure you find the right fit.

Ventilation Fans and Air Systems

When you’re at work, the last thing you want to spend your time worrying about is air quality. By installing these low-cost and easy-to-operate exhaust fans, you can ensure you’re meeting local regulations without breaking the bank.

Auto Body Toolmart is committed to helping you build a safer, more efficient garage no matter what type of repairs you specialize in. In addition to exhaust fans for shops, look to our warehouse for filters, paint booths, mixing rooms, plastic shields, exhaust benches, and other important workplace safety features.