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  • Neon Fine Sanding Block Kit
    Neon Fine Sanding Block Kit
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    SKU: #1700085
    • Use to sand out scratches, dust, runs and more
    • Great for auto detailers
    • Neon colors
  • USC Gold Pro 6" Velcro Discs
  • USC 6" Gold Pro PSA Discs
  • USC Gold Pro 6" PSA Disc Roll
  • USC 9"X11" Wet/Dry Sheets
  • Tool Aid 5" Phenolic Backing Disc - 94720
  • Tool Aid Arbor for Cut-Off Wheels - 94950
  • 3M 6" Sanding Disc with Stikit™ 80 Grit - 31451
    $11.69 $12.99
  • Dynabrade 6" Extreme Orange Premium Hook & Loop Abrasives
    Dynabrade 6" Extreme Orange Premium Hook & Loop Abrasives
    SKU: #1204261
    • 6" Discs - 50 Pack
    • Available Grit: 120-400

Auto Body Sanding Tools

Auto Body Sandpaper, Body Files, Sanding Discs and Wheels  

One of the most useful and important pieces of equipment and materials in a body shop is most definitely sanding and grinding products. Almost every step of the auto body and car painting process requires some sort of sanding, filing, grinding, or abrasive to fix high spots, level body filler, wet sand clear coats, and even smoothing out welds. We carry all the automotive abrasives you may need for your body shop, auto shop, or home garage.

There are many types of abrasives and some can help in multiple ways. Whether you are preparing a vehicle for paint and primer or grinding welds in a patch panel, we have what you need. We stock automotive abrasives from companies like 3M, Mirka, Sunmight, USC, Norton and more. Beside sandpaper and grinding wheels we also carry many tools and files you need to sand flat and faster. We carry high quality sanding pads, sanding boards, hand file boards, hand blocks, and sanding sticks. If you need more power to get the job done faster in a production environment we also carry a full line of pneumatic sanders and grinders.

Sandpaper is not just sandpaper!  

Most people are unaware that sandpaper is not the same across all brands and industries. Auto body sandpaper is much deeper and has many grades, sizes, shapes, and coarse grades. There is sandpaper made for sanding body fillers that is very very coarse and then there is super fine sandpaper for color sanding the paint on a vehicle. You may use both on the same car and 20 other coarse grades throughout the whole project of a restoration or repair. Some sanding paper comes with Velcro backing to make it quick to change and some sandpaper is made for wet or dry sanding. There is also different measurements to the coarseness of a sandpaper and we can help you learn the differences.  

So if your shop or garage needs sandpaper, grinding discs and wheels, prep pads, or a sandpaper block and cabinet call Auto Body Toolmart. We have all the automotive abrasives you need to get the job done!

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