Tire Equipment

  • Astro Pneumatic Digital Tire Inflator - 3018
  • Tuxedo Heavy-Duty Tire Changer - TC-950
  • Tuxedo Wheel Balancer - WB-953
  • Tuxedo Basic Wheel Weight Kit - WW-BASIC
  • John Dow T.O.M.C.A.T. Air-Assisted Multiple Camber Adjustment Tool - TC-614
    John Dow T.O.M.C.A.T. Air-Assisted Multiple Camber Adjustment Tool - TC-614
    SKU: #1700763
    • Makes camber adjustment a one man job
    • Works on many GM and Chrysler vehicles using two-bolt lower strut mounts
    • Inflatable air bladder fits between tire and strut for easy and controlled adjustment of camber settings
  • RapidAir Automatic Shutoff Tire Inflator Gauge

Our tire and alignment equipment helps you get more out of your automotive repair business by streamlining your approach to changing tires and balancing wheels. Whenever you want to increase your revenue and see more customers in a day, it's best to automate at least part of your services, and tire changers are designed to do just that. By making it a matter of seconds to mount and dismount a full range of tire sizes and types, you can get the job done faster and without putting in the grueling labor required from manual tire changers.

For the latest in design and wheel service technology, the Ranger RimGuard Swing Arm Tire Changer is a popular choice. With high-torque electric turntable features and industrial-grade pneumatic controls, you can get the job done faster, more efficiently and with few errors. Store tires with ease with the Champ Tire Rack.


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