Automotive Rotisseries

  • CHAMP® Automotive Rotisserie 1452
    CHAMP® Automotive Rotisserie 1452
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  • CHAMP® Deluxe Hydraulic Frame Rotisserie 1471

Automotive Rotisseries

Turn your garage into a smarter, more efficient place to work with an automotive rotisserie. There are times when it's not enough to get underneath a car or to take out the engine and work from the top-down. When you need to rotate a balanced, secure vehicle to the ideal height and angle, an auto body rotisserie is the answer.

Ideal for automotive restoration professionals and enthusiasts, the automotive rotisseries and accessories we carry here at Auto Body Toolmart are all made in the United States and offer a safe solution for working around a car. Vertical adjustments, high lifting capacities, variable length capabilities and removable casters all make these pieces of equipment a great addition to any modern working garage and for a lot smaller upfront investment than you might think.

Our car rotisseries for sale options include the basic Champ Automotive Rotisserie (with lifting up to 3,000 pounds) and the easy-to-operate Champ Deluxe Hydraulic Frame Rotisserie with two hand pump hydraulic rams. Both of these options ship by truck and can be installed in your garage within a few short weeks, making you that much closer to faster, more efficient body work.


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