Frame Pulling Posts

At Auto Body Toolmart, we carry an assortment of frame pulling posts to help you achieve high-quality repairs no matter how big or small the job. A quality auto body pulling post can help you safely and effectively straighten vehicle frames, allowing for a more accurate and efficient repair of vehicles that may require more extensive work than those with cosmetic damage. We even have a variety of tools to suit your unique needs from all-inclusive kits such as the Champ 20-Ton Pulling Post Starter Kit to simple tie down kits and power pull extensions, which are designed to enhance the power of your existing pull system. Additionally, we offer an assortment of single-pulling posts such as the Champ Easy Puller Pulling Posts to help you straighten frames more effectively.

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  • Champ Pulling Post with 4-Ton Come Along - 8801
  • Champ 20-Ton Pulling Post Starter Kit - 8815
  • Champ 4000 20-Ton Pulling Post Kit - 8821
  • Champ 20-Ton Frame Pulling Post Plus - 8825
  • Champ "Upper Cut" Kit - 8440
  • Champ Come-Along Pulling Post - 4500
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