Parking Lifts

If you work in a large city center or somewhere real estate isn't cheap, parking spaces can be hard to come by. You may be forced to turn customers away or require them to return at a later date, which is bad for customer service and bad for business. Fortunately, parking lifts available through Auto Body Toolmart allow you to expand your parking capabilities vertically instead of horizontally, so the sky is literally the limit.

With parking lifts and 4-post lifts that offer multi-level storage, boat and RV parking and single-car storage, you can get more out of the space you already have. Run a successful garage, offer a parking lot in an unlikely place or provide automobile storage year-round. Whatever kind of automotive company you run, you're sure to find the right sized parking lift or storage lift for the job. Basic storage and platform parking are made simple with BendPak's Autostacker Parking Lift. Designed to be used both at home and in a professional capacity, this 6,000 pound 2-post car lift accommodates cars and smaller SUVs.

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