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Kirker Paint Sample Color Chips

Kirker Paint Sample Color Chips

If you are planning to repaint your car, check out the Kirker Paint Sample Color Chips. These paint chips give you a clear picture of how spectacular the finished product will look. They will help you find the perfect new color for your vehicle or even match its current paint. These chips are available for the Spectra Series and the Ultra-Glo Paint varieties.

The Spectra series is available in vibrant candy colors and come with a superior high-solids urethane technology. Use the nine colors in their original forms or get creative by mixing them around to create a unique masterpiece. The paints have lightfast pigments that will last for a long time and not fade away in the sun. Since there is no bleeding of colors between coats, you can get the work done faster, with less effort and materials. For a dazzling finish, use it over a pearl or metallic base.

The ULTRA-GLO single-stage urethane paints are designed to provide an expensive-looking finish, without being expensive. The glossy and durable paints are perfect for cars and boats and feature UV protection that can keep the paint job looking brand new for a long time. This paint can be used for single-stage applications or with a clear coat for added life. Noted as one of Kirker's best products, this line of paints provide resistance from various chemicals and everyday wear and tear. Pick a fantastic color from the Kirker Paint Sample Color Chips for a great finish.

Key Features of the Kirker Paint Sample Color Chips:
  • Available in various colors to give you lots of options to choose from
  • Spectra series comes in nine colors with superior high-solids urethane technology
  • Lightfast pigments are very durable
  • No bleeding of colors: less effort and minimal usage of paint
  • ULTRA-GLO paint offers UV protection: amazing durability
  • Resistance from chemicals and everyday wear to keep your car looking like new for a long time

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