Sharpe Finex FX3000 HVLP Spray Gun

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The Sharpe Finex FX3000 is a full size HVLP spray gun for larger jobs and the gun of choice when HVLP is required.

The Finex FX3000 HVLP Spray Gun is a large sized paint gun that suits larger jobs and is the right gun to go to when HVLP is necessary. If you are a professional painter, then this paint gun gives you precision engineering combined with advanced technology. With absolutely zero mottling and striping, this Finex paint gun provides larger spray pattern for better coverage.

Sharpe Finex HVLP (high volume- low pressure technology) provides better effectiveness over high material transfer. With a low air volume requirement, this paint gun eliminates paint wastage. Ideal for high volume paint application jobs such as car refurbishing, the gun is easy to clean (cleaning brush included).

Spray lacquer, enamel, urethane and metallic with this paint gun that allows you a choice of fluid tips such as 1.0 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm. With a cup size of 600cc, you can now get larger paint jobs done with ease. The Sharpe Finex FX3000 HVLP Paint Gun comes with a one year warranty and includes a gun, aluminium cup, wrench and a cleaning brush.

Applications of the Sharpe FX3000 Spray Gun:
  • 1.0 mm: Light industrial, hobby, spot repair, base coat, clear coat
  • 1.3 mm: Base coat, high solid, single stages, clear coat
  • 1.4 mm: Base coat, clear coat single stages, sealers, low solid clear, clear coat
  • 1.5 mm: Base coat, sealers, enamels, medium to high viscosity, clear coat
  • 1.8 mm: Primer, high viscosity

Technical Specs:

Maximum Air Inlet Pressure: 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7 bar)
Maximum HVLP Inbound Air Pressure: 29 psi (0.2 MPa, 2 bar)* 

Air Consumption

FX3000: 9.5 SCFM at 29 psi (0.2 MPa, 2.0 bar)
Fluid and Air Operating Temperature Range: 32-109°F (0-43° C)

Spray Gun

Air Inlet Size: 1/4 npsm (R1/4-19)
FX2000/3000 Weight with cup: 1.1 lb (0.5 kg)
Wetted Parts: Aluminum, stainless steel, engineered plastic

Noise Data**

FX3000 sound pressure at 29 psi (0.2 MPa, 2.0 bar): 80.60 dB(A)sound power at 29 psi (0.2 MPa, 2.0 bar): 87.74 dB(A)

Gravity Cup Sizes

FX 2000/3000 aluminum: 20 oz (600 cc).

* Produces 10 psi (0.07 MPa, 0.7 bar) spraying pressure at aircap. ** All readings were taken with the fan valve fully open (fan full size) at the assumed operator position. Sound power measured per ISO 9614-2.

Product Manual & Parts List


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