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When you want a fastener set that’s both economical and high-performing, Marson riveters and rivets are the answer. This brand of fastening systems is offered through AFS (Alcoa Fastening Systems), a global manufacturer of automotive fasteners for use in auto-body repair shops. Whether you want hand tools that allow you to control every nuance of the job, you need a cost-effective way to replace threads, or you’re after a full automatic rivet kit that you can carry with you, you’ll find the full lineup of products right here.

We’ve always made it our goal at Auto Body Toolmart to supply the kinds of supplies you rely on every day. Because Marson rivets and riveters are such an integral part of working with bonding materials and fasteners, no modern garage is complete without them.

Marson Riveters and Rivet Tooling

One of the easiest ways to get started using Marson riveters is with the Marson 200 Rivet Kit. This handheld rivet tool is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for simple riveting tasks. Because it comes with the HP-2 rivet tool and aluminum, steel, and stainless steel rivets, it can handle most of your basic start-up needs.

For more specialty riveting equipment, however, you can opt for the “Big Daddy” Rivet Gun, which features an extra-long handle for working in areas you can’t reach by hand. We even stock a rivet gun extender, which transforms the Big Daddy Rivet Gun into a car window and grill rivet option.

Of course, not all your riveting needs will have to do with traditional riveters, which is why we also stock plastic tooling equipment and various hardeners and fillers through the Marson line. No matter what kind of project you’re getting ready to undertake, all the Marson riveters, rivets, and fasteners you need are right here. As always if you need auto shop supplies, dent repair tools, or any other shop equipment look to Auto Body Toolmart. We have a large selection, warehouse direct pricing, and fast shipping to meet your needs and your budget.