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If you do any welding, noisy repairs, or climate-sensitive auto body repair work, then you need Goff Curtain Wall materials to help protect your workspace. Goff's Enterprises is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial partitions, safety equipment, and high-performance doors for automotive and industrial markets. Any time you require safe, durable separation within your shop, these products provide a fast and easy solution.

Goff Curtain Wall materials meet national standards in safety and fire resistance, making them an ideal choice when you are building a shop or garage that needs to pass inspection. Custom sizes allow you to dictate how much space you need, or you can opt for standards like the 12’ Goff Curtain Wall Track or the 24’ Goff Curtain Track, both of which include hardware tracks and rollers. Additional options like the two-sided prep station and moveable welding screens allow you to use the walls and facilities you already have to maximize your use of space.

About Goff Curtain Walls

Anyone who’s worked in auto body repair knows how important it is to control your workspace. It’s impossible to prime and paint in the outdoors, but working inside next to other repair workers who are wet sanding and buffing can cross-contaminate your area. Goff’s Curtain Walls experienced this challenge in the early 1980s and came up with a way to separate a shop without undergoing costly renovations. The company began marketing its solution a few years later, and by 2006, the company became one of the leading providers of automotive workspace protection.

At Auto Body Toolmart, we supply a wide range of Goff curtains, walls, and partitions to help you manage your workspace effectively. Because of the size of these materials, many of them come to you straight from the manufacturer, which means you could start setting up your shop and enjoying a more organized space right away.