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Fluke Electronics

Fluke is the manufacturer of fantastic electronic testing meters and tools. A Fluke multimeter is one of the best tools a shop can have. Whether you are wiring a car, trailer, or a home you can count on Fluke multimeters. For almost 70 years people in the trades and auto industry and depended on Fluke testing tools and equipment.

Fluke Multimeters & Testing Tools Check More Than Volts

Fluke multimeters are not used just for checking volts in a home or vehicle. A Fluke multimeter can check for all types of issues in electronics or wiring in A/C and D/C systems. They also test for continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency measurements. The nice thing about a Fluke multimeter like the Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter is that it can test for temperatures as well which is valuable in testing heating and cooling systems and much more. Because of their quality, functionality and reputation, we are proud to carry much of Fluke’s testing tools and accessories product line.

We carry a Fluke meter and tool for almost any project. We have meters for basic electronics work and even testing tools for HVAC systems and testing for leaks. The Fluke Leak Detector Flashlight is ideal for finding leaks in A/C systems and refrigeration systems. Using LED light technology, UV light, and a laser pointer you can find refrigerant leaks in the tightest and darkest places on any vehicle. Many body shops have to get involved in engine repair in some situations. No matter the situation or system Fluke has a tool for you to accurately analyze and diagnose problems. When you need to order Fluke products think of Auto Body Toolmart. Our low prices are hard to beat and we always carry what you need. So when you need to test electrical systems, heating & cooling systems or vacuum systems contact Auto Body Toolmart.