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Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198

Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198

Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198

SKU:    EQU-TC198
Price: $68.59

Ideal for installing windshields, side lites and back lites.    

Put handles where you need them to make lifting body panels and other loads up to 70lbs (32kgs) easy! The suction cup design of the Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198 attaches to flat surfaces, as well as slightly concave or convex panels, and can be pressurized to instantly add a grip point for careful, easy lifting and maneuvering.

This vacuum cup can be used on virtually any surface that’s capable of holding a pressure seal under a vacuum. Door panels, window glass and other smooth surfaces are ideal, and also require the delicate handling that this suction handle provides.

A steel handle offers unwavering grip while you’re lifting and prevents slipping or twisting that can occur on other materials. The ergonomic handle design is great for providing a full-fledged grip, evenly distributing load weight across the palm.

Enjoy maximum load control during lifting and maneuvering thanks to the secure construction of the entire component—the handle is bolted securely to the suction cup to prevent stress from developing between the two.

Easy enough for anyone to use and operable in mere seconds, the Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198 is at home in any auto body repair shop or glass repair facility.


  • Clean the area of the body panel where you wish to place a lift point. The area must be free of any dust or debris that might cause slippage and break the airtight seal of the vacuum cup.
  • Place the Equalizer® T-Cup Vacuum Cup - TC198 on the area of body panel you wish to lift, ensuring the cup is flat against the surface. Wiggle it slightly to ensure there is no shifting or sliding.
  • Once the cup is in place, repeatedly push the pressurization button to create a pressure seal between the vacuum cup and the surface. Press until the red line of the pressurization button is no long visible.
  • Test the seal by gently lifting the object up a few inches via the vacuum cup handle. If there is no movement, continue lifting!
  • To remove the cup, release the pressurization and restore the pocket of air between the cup and the surface. Gently pull up on the handle to remove the cup.

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