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Chassis Liner

Chassis Liner is synonymous with collision repair equipment you can count on. As the largest manufacturer of frame racks in the collision repair industry, Chassis Liner offers over 25 years of experience in equipping garages with the heavy-duty equipment they need to handle all major repairs.

Since half of all major vehicle accidents cause some kind of damage to the frame, it makes sense for you to have a Chassis Liner frame rack on hand. Not only can they help you straighten the frame and pull it back to its original shape, but they also provide a safe, well-anchored platform for you to work around. Safe, secure, and relied on by thousands of automotive professionals throughout the country, Chassis Liner equipment should always be at the top of your list.

Your Chassis Liner Equipment Options

A basic frame rack like the Chassis Liner Lift N’ Rak Pro offers up to 8 tons of pulling power and lifts to a height of 37”, making it ideal for use with most regular-sized sedans. For larger trucks and SUVs, you need a complete anchoring system like the Chassis Liner 16’ Truck ‘N Revolution Frame Rack. With an extra-wide bed and tower height, you can reach farther and accommodate more vehicle repairs.

In addition to the company’s most well-known product, the frame rack, you can also look to Chassis Liner for tool boards, accessories, measuring systems, and more. You can also build on your frame rack with overhead pull attachments, power pushers, and tower extensions that work together to provide a complete frame rack system.

Because of their size, many of these pieces of equipment ship directly from the manufacturer. Contact our sales team to learn more about having your new tools delivered. For complete frame and collision repair, there’s no better place to start looking for equipment than Chassis Liner and Auto Body Toolmart.