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3M PPS Adaptor Type 40 - 16135

3M PPS Adaptor Type 40 - 16135

3M PPS Adaptor Type 40 - 16135

SKU:    3M-16135
Price: $15.79

To convert the paint spray guns for use with the 3M Paint Preparation System, use the 3M PPS Adaptor Type 40. The adapter is designed specifically to help painters use the PPS paint system with almost any spray gun model. For use, you will have to remove the existing spray gun cup and then thread the appropriate PPS adapter into the spray gun.

What is the 3M PPS System?

The 3M PPS System allows you better efficiency by eliminating the need for traditional painting cups and strainers. This system helps you mix and spray the PPS liner with lid and built-in filter. The quality of the system is enhanced by its ability to spray 90 degrees to the panel. The property of optimum material transfer allows painters to use less paint and even minimizes the use of solvents, thereby reducing solvent exposure. The 3M PPS system is more efficient than the traditional metal/plastic paint cup systems.

How does the adaptor help?

  • The adaptor is designed to help in easily converting the spray gun to the one that works with the 3M Paint Preparation System
  • Made of stainless steel, the threaded adapter allows excellent durability
  • The adapter is easy to install
  • Reduces the chances of contamination
  • Helps in reducing paint consumption
  • Provides better and consistent material transfer
  • Enables you to work neatly, thereby increasing efficiency

List of spray guns that can use the 3M PPS Adaptor Type 40

  • SATAjet 100 BF HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 100 BF RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 100 BP QCC 
  • SATAjet 1000 B HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 1000 B RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 2000 HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 2000 RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 3000 HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 3000 B HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 3000 RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 3000 B RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 4000 B HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 4000 RP QCC 
  • SATAjet 5B HVLP SATAjet 5000 
  • SATAjet 5000 B RP 
  • SATAjet 5000 B HVLP QCC 
  • SATAjet 5000 B RP QCC


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