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Noram Paint Booth Filters

Noram paint booth filters are designed for those who want to achieve quality finishes without sacrificing air flow. They work hard to efficiently filter out particles that can damage your paint jobs, resulting in stellar quality finishes. We're proud to carry several different types of Noram paint booth filters to meet your every need. Whether you need paint booth fiberglass arrestor pads or paint booth prefilter pleats, we stock an assortment of Noram paint booth filters and accessories to help you achieve impressive results. Shop our selection of Noram compatible filters today and discover a better, higher-quality finish that's sure to delight customers over and over again.
Paint Booth Prefilter Pleat - 20"x20"x2"
Regular Price: $129.99
On Sale For: $111.76
Paint Booth Prefilter Pleat - 20"x25"
Regular Price: $149.99
On Sale For: $126.56