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Now In: Paint Booths and AccessoriesPaint Booth Accessories → Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer - 130500
Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer - 130500

Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer - 130500

Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer - 130500

SKU:    DEV-130500
Price: $473.29

Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer can efficiently remove water vapor from the compressed air system. The dryer’s special features include its ability to remove the vapor to a dew point of -400 degrees. Many big and small industries along with commercial facilities like body shops use compressed air dryers. Air compression can increase the accumulation of water vapor, which can eventually increase the dew point of the compressed air. The excessive vapor can create various functional problems like freezing of the lines, corrosion, and malfunction.

An efficient air dryer like the Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer helps in such a situation. This machine is completely automatic and lets you go on with your work without worrying about water vapor, oil, and other pollutants that can harm various objects in your body shop. Its high-quality filter helps remove everything from dirt, water, oil, and water vapor. The dryer also has a moisture indicator that indicates when a change is necessary.

Key Features of the Devilbiss CamAir Desiccant Air Dryer:
  • Removes water vapor down to a dew point of -400 degrees
  • Completely automatic and only requires occasional draining of the water separator
  • Features a fast-changing 10lb desiccant cartridge that can remove particles up to .01 microns
  • Has a moisture indicator that lets you known when to change the desiccant cartridge
  • Has strong, steel wall-mounting brackets that ensure proper installation
  • Has a ½" inlet
  • Can remove dirt, water, oil, and vapor from compressed air
  • Has a separator and desiccant cartridge (cartridge has a housing material that also acts as a filter)
  • The first-stage separator removes excessive water, dirt and, oil to improve the dryer’s efficiency and life
  • Easy-access six flanges for changing the desiccant quickly
  • All-brass drain for superior efficiency and life
Note: Remember to drain the valve every day. If there is more than a cup of water, drain more often.

Download the CT30 Spec Sheet


Customer Reviews
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1. on 4/9/2010, said:
Ive been selling spraybooth equip. since 1992. I use to sell the develbiss DAD-500. A three stage desiccant dryer sold on this site and hundreds of others. Since Develbiss & Cam air developed the CT-30 As a less expensive and more user freindly unit I have'nt sold anything else in the desiccant line except for DAD-500 Prts. and replacement filters. Same performance, 1/3rd. the cost and best of all ITS SIMPLE STUPID!! only 3 parts. 1 easy to remove lid,1 reusable rubber lid gasket, 1- 10 lb.desiccant bag. Compare that to the DAD-500 with over 20 prts.!! Enough said BUY IT !!!!
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