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Curtain Walls

Investing in quality body shop curtain walls doesn't just allow body shops to maintain a clean shop floor. Curtain walls are also vital to getting the job done right — they work as barriers from dust, debris or other contaminants to prevent mistakes and do-overs on whatever vehicle you're painting. By blocking off specific areas for painting using auto body curtain walls, you'll achieve better finishes and ultimately improve your cycle time. 

Auto Body Toolmart is here to help you attain that outstanding cycle time by offering spray booth curtains exclusively from Goff's Curtain Walls, the most trusted name in the curtain wall business. By carrying body shop curtain walls in an assortment of sizes, we guarantee that there's something for every job here, no matter how big or small. Goff's 2 Sided Prep Station is a great buy for those looking for a professional and efficient setup, while Goff's Filter Panels work well on their own or as replacements (we like Goff). We even carry complete aluminum repair bay setups for all your aluminum and new metal painting needs, as well as replacement air filters to ensure you breathe easy while painting. Shop our selection today and see what a difference quality spray booth curtains can make!

Once you have your walls ready to go make sure you have your floors covered, your curing lamps in place and your paint booth organized