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CanDandy 4-In-1 Painter's Tool - CSD-01

CanDandy 4-In-1 Painter's Tool - CSD-01

CanDandy 4-In-1 Painter's Tool - CSD-01

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The CanDandy 4-In-1 painter’s tool is one of the most innovative and practical tools for the painting industry today!
Anyone in the painting or refinish industry understands the unnecessary time and headache caused by having to use multiple tools to open, close, and properly tighten various containers.
The CanDandy was designed for the following types of work and industries:
  • Automotive refinishers such as body shops, restoration shops & hobby shops.
  • Fleet refinishers such as motor home, box truck, panel van, van, and custom vehicle manufacturers.
  • Industrial manufacturers with painting capabilities such as foundries, machine builders, machine shops farm equipment, toy, bicycle, etc.
  • OEM automotive manufacturing facilities such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, John Deere, Case, Wheel Horse and others.
  • Industrial maintenance and house painters.
  • Individuals who use paint or paint related materials.
How many gallons of material (money) have you lost over the years because of improperly sealed containers? How much time could you save by only having to use one tool? The CanDandy 4-In-1 painter's tool saves hundreds to thousands of dollars each year in materials and time.
Due to its innovative design and ease of use, the CanDandy has become the tool of choice for those working in the paint and refinish industries.

Save Money & Time – Reduce Stress – Eliminate Bench Clutter
  • Forged Chrome Vanadium
  • Nickel Plated
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

CanDandy Hammer Securely Closes Lids!
While rotating the can, lightly tap the lid onto the container. Due to its perfectly weighted design, the CanDandy secures press-ft container lids with minimal force. Full size hammers can exert excessive force which distorts lids and cans, leading to air gaps resulting in rapid spoilage of saved materials.

CanDandy Opener, Opens Press-fit Lids Easily!
Round container press-fit lids are opened by placing the opener under the edge of the can lid and giving the tool a twist. The handle gives sufficient leverage to allow use on F-style, press-fit type gallon cans (as used to package clearcoat). F-style cans are opened by placing the tool on its side and using the container handle as fulcrum. CanDandy is ideal for opening most types of press on lids.

CanDandy Cap Tool Removes and Replaces Safety Lids Effortlessly!
To use, simply line up the jaws with the serration on the safety cap, press down, while gripping, and give a twist. The serrated jaws of the CanDandy are forged to a radius that allows an even grip around the full circumference of press-and-turn type caps.
No other tools addresses the challenges (aggravation) associated with these metal lined lids. Users generally resort to some type of channel pliers for removal. By using channel pliers there is a high risk of distorting the metal liner of these caps causing the caps not to seal properly, resulting in loss of materials and investment.
CanDandy's jaw design provides a greater and more even grip, allowing easy removal and replacement of these caps without damaging the interior metal liner.
CanDandy Awl Creates Drain Holes
Simply place the awl into a can’s sealing groove and strike the top of the tool lightly with the palm of your hand. The boss at the top of the awl serves as a stop, to regulate the depth of the awl. In addition, CanDandy can create multiple drain holes in less time than alternative methods.
A traditional awl, which can require the use of a hammer, has no stop control for depth. Without a stop control, use of a traditional awl can ruin the sealing ability of a can, if driven too far

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