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Air Compressors & Supplies

Air Compressors, Blow Guns, Air Couplers & More for Any Shop

One of the most important pieces of equipment for any garage, body shop, auto shop, or wood shop is a good auto body air compressor. Air tools are the most reliable, efficient, and durable tools you can buy. They are easy to maintain and will always work when you need them. No plugging in electric cords or forgetting to charge batteries for your cordless drills, nailers, saws, etc.

Automotive air compressors come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of power. Many production auto shops and body shops need a large compressor to manage all the equipment that may be running at one time. Buffers, grinders, and air ratchets and impacts use lots of air and you need to make sure you get the right size compressor to handle the job. A woodshop or garage work area may need a smaller sized compressor to run one impact or a blow gun. No matter what size automotive air compressors you need, Auto Body Toolmart has you covered. We have air compressors from brands like Chicago Pneumatic and Ingersoll Rand.

We Carry More Than Just Air Compressors

Your shop may need air hoses, air couplers, blow guns, or maybe you need replacement air compressor parts. We carry it all and even have commercial shop air systems to make setting up air tools in your shop as easy as it can be. Many people have used PVC pipe  to run air tools around their shop and this can be very dangerous. This type of tubing cannot handle the type of pressures a large compressor can create. Buy hoses and air lines that are made for auto body air tools and compressors and prevent any accidents that may occur from using the wrong product for the job.

If you need help deciding what size, style, or shape air compressor your shop and workspace may need call Auto Body Toolmart today at 800-382-1200. Our professional and highly educated team can help you pick the air compressor, air hoses, air tools, and equipment you need for your budget and workload.