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10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump

10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump

10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump

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The 10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump is a portable hydraulic kit that produces a very powerful force. It includes a 10 ton OTC Stinger hydraulic pump, a 10 ton 10 stroke ram, a 6' Ram-Pac hydraulic hose, a hose half coupler and a ram reducer. The hydraulic foot pump is a perfect power source that provides a tremendous 10,000 PSI at 100 PSI air. It has a two-stage release mechanism and an internal relief valve, and its pedal control helps to pump, hold or release. The 10 ton and 10" stroked ram are threaded both on top and at the bottom for use on frame machines. It can be used in all 10-ton applications.

The 10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump does not require a power source. It has a six-foot hydraulic hose, capable of building up 10,000 psi fluid pressure for up to 10 tons. It can work with all pumps and rams, by matching the thread size with the ram, half couplers, and the pump. The reducer adapts a 4-ton ram to a 5041 ram half coupler making it easy to be hooked up to an air pump. This hydraulic kit with pump is the perfect tool that will shape, force and fix auto metal and makes a great addition to your auto body workshop

Key Features of the 10-Ton Hydraulic Kit w/ OTC Pump:

  • OTC Stinger 10-Ton Hydraulic Foot Pump
    • Ideal all-around power source develops 10,000 PSI at 100 PSI air.
    • 2-stage release mechanism; internal relief valve.
    • Pump, hold, or release load with pedal control.
    • 98 cu. in. of useable oil.
  • 10-Ton Threaded Ram
    • 10" stroke
    • Threaded on top and bottom for Frame Machines
    • For all 10-ton applications
  • Ram-Pac 6 Foot Hydraulic Hose - 3/8" Threads
    • Capacity of 10,000 psi fluid pressure for up to 10 tons.
    • Works with all our pumps and rams.
    • Simply match thread size to half couplers, ram and pump.
    • Made in U.S.A.
  • Hose Half Coupler & Reducer
    • Coupler Connecting Thread 3/16 - 20 UNEF Hose/Ram Thread 1/4" NPT
    • Adapts a 4 ton ram to # 5041 ram half coupler so it can be hooked to an air pump


Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 31.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19.2" x 9.6" x 9.1"

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1. on 1/25/2016, said:
ram to pressure hose fitting is different size. it never fit.... customer service terrible no knowledge of this product... you have to go to harbor freight to buying size convert extension to use this product
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