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SATA Paint Guns

SATA paint guns, primer guns, and airbrushes are some of the best in the industry. SATA's  paint guns are HVLP sprayers that are highly adjustable for any type of spraying. Some of these guns even feature digital pressure displays to help you achieve the perfect color match. Whether you are putting a coat of base coat down on a new project, priming a restoration vehicle, spraying clear coats on a new candy paint job — SATA paint guns can do it all. They will work for almost any finish or paint system and with over 100 years of history you can feel confident in SATA equipment. SATA spray guns are even designed to work with the latest waterborne paint systems on the market. SATA airbrush kits, primer guns, and paint guns come with a solid warranty for up to three years if you complete the registration within 30 days of purchasing. With this level of support and with such high quality manufacturing, you can’t go wrong with SATA.


SATA Spray Gun Parts & Accessories


Auto Body Toolmart carries more than just SATA paint guns. We carry their best SATAgraph 4 airbrush kits, nozzle sets, paint cup lids, and air micrometers. These SATA airbrush kits come with hoses, fittings, and 3 different airbrushes to get you started painting detailed graphics, flames, stripes, and much more. These airbrushes are highly adjustable for the finest details no matter what you are painting.

While SATA products are very dependable and well made we know that things break or can get lost. For this reason we carry many replacement SATA parts and accessories like paint cups, paint cup lids, and nozzle sets. No matter if you buy a brand-new SATA spray gun or have one that is 20 years old we are there to support you. Finally, if you are looking to buy a new SATA paint gun, call us. You will get genuine SATA products and not knock-off imitations that are not covered by the SATA warranty. For more information on SATA spray guns and parts, call us today at 800-382-1200!