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Steck Manufacturing Company has released another winning tool: The Stud Lever (P/N 20014) will allow a technician to quickly grip studs (pull pins) and controlling the dent pulling process as well as accuracy of the pull.

A strong reinforced Nylon lever with pivoting base and self-locking stud capture mechanism allows the technician to quickly lock and lever studs while also compressing the crown area of the dent with the pivoting base. Adjustable pivot base on the Stud Lever allows one-handed operation and provides increased leverage, accuracy and reach for the pull and crown compression processes both vertical and horizontal, including roofs and lower rocker panels.

Stud Lever's unique stud capture mechanism allows technician to quickly and easily capture both 2.2mm and 2.6mm studs as close as 3/8 inches apart.

Included with the Stud Lever is the Steck Straight Edge, part number 20003, which allows the technician to align the stud pull with the non-damaged metal area for accurate pulls on the initial pull which minimizes metal work and reduces the need for slide hammers.

Labor/Material Savings: Quick attachment to stud while combining leverage, accuracy and compression of crown area with the initial pull reduces the metal work in the dent repair process by 15 minutes per hour.

  • Accurate controlled pulls every time.
  • Grips studs (pull pins) quickly and easily
  • Standard tool work on both 2.2 and 2.6 mm studs as close as 3/8″ apart
  • Black pivoting base helps compress crown as dent is pulled
  • Includes Steck straight edge #20003 for matching original contours
  • Made in USA
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