Dent Fix Shunting Pliers - DF-SP360

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When spot welding for dent removal, it's important to consider the electrostatic coating of mostautomotive body panels. These shunting pliers were designed to take that specialized manufactured coating into consideration when assisting you with the dent repair and welding process.

Outfitted with high-conductivity copper jaws that lock together in place when applied to paneling, these pliers offer a supreme solution to stabilizing and enhancing the effectiveness of welds. The jaws are connected via a 4-gauge piece of copper wiring, insulated for protection, yet serving to link the jaws together for maximum conductivity.

In using these pliers, there's no longer any need to strip the connectivity points between automotive panels to perform a sound weld'exterior connection points where the copper jaws meet are the only areas that need to be prepped! Because the pliers connect front and back panels via their conductive design, the current from a spot weld will travel between the jaws to perform a full and complete connection, and thus a more stable weld. The result is a reduced prospect of rust developing between the panels over the long term.

The pliers also feature a screw torsion mechanism on the back to allow for loosening and tightening of the clamp once in place, allowing you to weld varying degrees of thickness without compromising on conductive ability.When applied, these shunting plies lock securely in place to prevent movement or shifting during the welding process. The result is a cleaner, more precise weld that benefits from the conductivity offered by these pliers.

Key Features of the Dent Fix Shunting Pliers - DF-SP360:

  • Ideal when welding coated steel
  • Helps direct the current flows between electrode tips
  • Constructed of thick copper wire and clamping pads

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