Steck Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit - 71410

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Time Saving Tool That Pops Half Shafts Loose from the Engine

The axle popper is a very useful tool that works on many different front wheel drive vehicles. It is a very cost effective method for popping CV axles. With some of the newer cars, the clearances are tight and the axle popper comes in very handy. All it takes is a couple taps with a hammer and the axle pops off.

You can use a pry bar to remove the half shaft but this axle popper applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft. With two points to pry from with the Axle Popper, you get twice the leverage with less effort than using a pry bar. Not only does it make the half shaft easier to remove but it is safer than using a pry bar and eliminates the risk of damage. 

When using the Axle Popper, all you need to do is insert the fork between the transaxle case and half haft. Strike the end of the fork to release the half shaft. Some vehicles do have a gap between the half shaft and the transaxle so a shim is included to fill that gap. Whether you work in a transmission shop, garage, tire shop or body shop, you need to get this time-saving tool.
  • Quickly removes half shafts from transaxle on front wheel drive
  • Wedge forked end applies even pressure to both sides of the shaft
  • Shim included to fill the gap between the half shaft and the transaxle on some vehicles
  • Safer and quicker than a pry bar
  • Inner fork dimension: 2"
  • Made in the USA

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