Everything You Need To Know About OTC Automotive Tools

You may not have heard of the OTC brand, but you've likely seen their products. In fact, if you're in the automotive repair industry or have your own home body shop, there's a high chance you're using their tools on a regular basis.

Their reputation for quality tools earned them a spot with Bosch- one of the leading distributors of automotive goods spanning across 150 countries.

Both OTC and Bosch carry a reputation for producing products that you can rely on, that are durable, and can stand up to the high-intensity projects they're created for.

But there's more to the OTC tool company than a reputation for quality and a business deal with Bosch.

OTC tools

The OTC brand is most known for their automotive diagnostic scan tools, but they provide a wealth of other specialty tools, shop equipment, and auto parts needed for regular maintenance and repairs including:

  • Puller and splitters

  • Motorcycle tools

  • Fuel systems service tools

  • Hydraulic tools

  • Dent repair tools

  • Wheel and tire tools

When it comes to automotive work, you want tools and equipment that deliver on long-lasting performance and safety. Choosing a reputable brand that is upheld by shops around the world is a great choice for any mechanic and shop owner.

OTC Tool Catalog Overview

OTC diagnostic tools

As the cars of today become more computer integrated and reliant, the tools and skills necessary to do repairs changes. This makes having reliable diagnostic tools even more important.

OTC offers a few different diagnostic tools to choose from, depending on the job:

  • Compression tester kit

  • Battery and electrical systems testers

  • Multimeters

  • OBD2 scanners (On-board diagnostics)

  • Emission testers

  • Leak detection

  • Pressure testers

  • Code readers

And more...

As mentioned, some of these tools have special features that put them above other brands. One such is the OTC TPMS Tool, which adjust the power output during activation and wirelessly transmits decoded sensor ID's for ease and efficiency.

Another tool of note is the OTC Universal Gauge and Component Tester, which allows you to diagnose several different gauges- temperature, vacuum electrical, oil, fuel, instruments, and voltage.

Fuel systems service tools

Working on fuel lines can be a difficult task, and that is why OTC has put so much effort into creating fuel systems tools that not only get the job done, but do it efficiently, so the job gets done faster and easier than ever.

Here are some OTC fuel line tools to consider:

Also available in this catalog are basic tools such as:

  • OTC disconnect tools

  • High pressure fuel rail adapters

  • Fuel, A/C, transmission fluid disconnect set

All of these disconnect tools are designed to make working with fuel lines easier and simpler by getting you in closer. If you're working with fuel lines, you'll want these tools in your toolbox.

Pullers and splitters

Pullers and splitters come in handy for those stubborn cylinders and bearings, which require tough durability to do the job.

OTC offers a wide collection of tools to make the job easier and quicker than ever. Here are just a few:

  • Push pullers

  • Jaw pullers

  • Flange-type puller

  • 2 & 3 way puller

  • Bar-type puller

  • 4 in 1 puller

  • Clutch pulley

  • 9 way slide hammer

  • Multi-purpose bearing and puller set

  • Bearing splitter

  • Spring lock coupling tools

  • Internal thread adapter set

  • Pilot bearing pullers

  • Universal puller plate

  • Step plates puller adapter

There are different adaptations and styles of these tools available so you can find the tools that fit your projects.

Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic tools have become a staple in many auto body shops due to their power, efficiency, and ability to dramatically shorten the time spent on a project.

Some of the hydraulics tools available from OTC include:

  • Hoses

  • Rams

  • Half- couplers

  • Pumps

  • Flow meters

Many of these hydraulic tools have multiple uses, such as the OTC Spreader with Coupler, which can be used to remove dents, straighten, or clamp.

Specialty tools

Specialty tools are those that are designed for a specific, and typically singular purpose.

This often means that you're buying an expensive tool, but can't use it for anything other than what it's designed for, and sometimes you might only be able to use it on one specific vehicle or manufacturer.

Rest assured that OTC has found a way around some of this by giving the user the ability to change sizes and styles with tools like the Heavy-Duty Wiper Arm Puller.

Others are designed to be easier to use, stronger, and more efficient so you can get the job done faster without compromising your work.

Some of the tools included in the “specialty tools” catalog include:

  • Driver tools

  • European radio removal tool sets

  • Radio and antenna service kits

  • Soldering kits

  • Slide hammers

General purpose tools

There are a lot of general and miscellaneous tools that body shops need;

  • Dent repair tools

  • Door and lock tools

  • Gauges

  • Sockets

  • Pliers

  • Suspension tools

  • Alignment tools

  • Wrenches

  • Lights

  • Brake tools

  • Transmission tools

  • Steering tools

And so much more than that. You want to make sure that each of the tools in your collection are robust enough to handle the rough usage, both for safety and so that you don't have to replace them regularly.

Body shop equipment

Sometimes the work you do is only as good as the environment you're working in. Make it easier on yourself, and ensure the quality of your work, by stocking your shop with the right tools.

Here are a few things to consider having in your auto repair shop:

  • Load levelers

  • Ramps

  • Surge protectors

  • Support bars

  • Grease guns

  • Torque multipliers

  • Wheel steps

  • Fluid receivers

  • Wheel dollies

Who sells OTC tools?

If you're looking to fill your shop with durable tools from a reputable brand, then OTC is the right choice for you.

You can find all of the products, and more, on Auto Body Toolmart- the site for tools, equipment, safety gear, paints, and everything else you'll need to do your best work.

Find the OTC brand or leave an OTC tool review on Auto Body Toolmart now!

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