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OTC Tools

OTC Body Shop Tools for Brakes, Fuel Injection, Suspensions & More

Body shops and auto repair garages need many tools to get the job done. Some tools are basic and readily available like a screwdriver, socket wrench, or a pair of pliers. Yet many repair jobs require specialty equipment to get the work done and in many cases there is no substitute or hammer big enough to get things done.

Auto Body Toolmart carries all the OTC specialty tools and equipment you need. OTC is a manufacturer of high-quality tools for brake and suspension work, steering wheels, harmonic balancers, steering tools, body shop tools, and much more. They offer a wide selection of useful tools including fuel injection kits, wedge lockout tools and engine barring tools to help you throughout the repair process. Some of these tools are specifically made for certain OEM applications and many are made for one type of job. Having access to these tools is imperative in completing work without damaging something else in the project and will also allow you to keep working and not stopping to find the right tool.

Specialty OTC Tools Are Not Expensive

Just because a tool required for the job is unique or a specialty item does not mean it will be expensive. With many tools starting at $36 it will not break the bank to pay for the proper tool for the job. If you are in a production shop and need tools like this and are always renting equipment, it may be time to purchase them. We can set you up with all the OTC body shop tools, equipment and supplies you may need for any project.

If you are not sure what tools you may need for the job contact us today and one of our friendly and educated staff members will walk you through everything you need. Their knowledge on the products we sell and the auto body and auto repair industry will make shopping with us easy. So the next time you need an alignment wrench or bolt extractor order from Auto Body Toolmart.