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Frame & Body Straighteners

When the damage to the cars you repair goes deeper than dings and dents on the surface, you need an auto body frame straightening machine to help you straighten things out. Auto body frame machines are ideal when you need to restore the frame to its original shape quickly, easily, and safely. Tapping into the power of hydraulics and torque, frame machines pack a powerful punch and make a great addition to your repair shop.

Because no two repair jobs (or repair shops) is exactly the same, we stock a large supply of body straightener kits and accessories. Some are capable of large jobs and repairing extensive damages, while others focus on minor adjustments.

Our 10 Ton Body Straightener Kit with Swivel Post is a customer favorite thanks to its comprehensive features. It includes everything you need to effectively straighten the damaged vehicle's frame. For rail repair, the Rail Saver is an unbelievable product that will help you save money while efficiently repairing vehicles. And finally for full frame repair, Champ's Full Frame Stands are great for use with Champ Versa-Pullers and Champ Mighty-Pull Frame Machines.

Frame Machines from Auto Body Toolmart

Buying an auto frame machine is a big investment, which is why we encourage you to make your purchase from Auto Body Toolmart to ensure it’s a smart one. Many of our frame machines are available with a lease-to-own option that provides low monthly payments you can build into your regular budget.

You can also pick and choose the product that makes sense for your line of work. Whether you prefer hand pumps, foot pumps, or the power of an overhead boom, we can provide the exact size and scope of auto body frame machine you need. And with truck shipping available right away, we’ll make sure you don’t have to wait to get started using your new tools.