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Training Videos and Manuals

Auto Body Repair Videos & Manuals

Learning to paint a car, motorcycle, or repairing a dent or rust is not something most people can do without direction or training. Learning by trial and error is not necessarily a bad thing but in the auto body and auto repair industry it can be expensive. It also can take you a lot longer to get the results you are looking for. While some people have a good eye for detail or the patience to take the steps and even extra steps to attempt a quality job, that does not replace a good teacher or guide in the painting process.

Auto Body Toolmart is here to help you on your auto body education journey. We know not everyone can afford an expensive vocational school or a class at a local community college. We also know that not everyone can spend the time going to school to learn something that may just be a hobby or one time project. For these reasons we have found the best auto body training videos, manuals and books on the market. These manuals and videos are a great way to learn at your own pace and give you the ability to back up if you are confused or missed something. It is also an easy way to build checklists on mixing paint and primer, learn about mastering paintless dent repair, adding body filler, sanding primer, and even color sanding a car for that mirror finish we all strive for. We have DVDs from popular TV Host Kevin Tetz, Matt Joseph, and Timothy Remus.

Great Instruction & Products to Boot

Besides some of the best auto body repair videos and manuals for body work, car painting, and pinstriping, we also carry everything you need to make it happen. If you need a spray gun, air compressor, paint, primer, body filler, or a welder,  we have it. So next time you want to start a new project and need whatever it takes to do the job correctly, contact Auto Body Toolmart. We have a fully trained staff that can set you up with everything you need to learn auto body repair and painting.