Wivco Spot-Eze Pro

SKU #WIV-26.000
• 0.35" x 2"L
• Fits drill with 3/8" chuck
• Can be resharpened in your own shop
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Remove spot-welds with the Wivco Spot-Eze Pro, featuring an adjustable point. This tool has a 9mm or .350 inch cut diameter which is a universal size for spot welds that can be drilled. It has a simple construction and allows easier re-sharpening than a standard jobber type drill. The center starting is adjustable and replaceable and along with the guiding drill, it allows the main drill body to start quickly.

The drill helps Spot-Eze Pro remove the weld in the outermost panel only. This allows the tool to start and remove the weld in quickly. It does not require pre-drilling or pre-punching. Adept at removing spot welds at awkward angles, the Wivco Spot-Eze Pro is useful for auto body professionals who have to deal with the annoying problem of spot welds every day. It leaves a very tiny hole on the attachment panel that can later be used for plug welding.

Key Features of the Wivco Spot-Eze Pro:

  • Simple and inexpensive tool for removing spot welds
  • Simplifies and speeds up spot-weld removal on car bodies
  • 9mm or .350 inch cut diameter
  • Adjustable, replaceable center starting
  • Guiding drill helps the main body start quickly and guides the tool in removing welds from outermost panel only
  • No pre-punching required
  • No pre-drilling necessary
  • Eliminates spot welds on awkward angles
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Durable tool
  • No walk-off
  • Self-starting
  • Made in the USA

NOTE: not for use with ultra high-strength steel (UHSS/boron)

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