Washable Painters Protection Suits

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• Protect your hair and clothes from paint overspray
• Breathable design
• Available in three sizes
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Painting jobs are indeed messy, and no matter how carefully we try, paint can end up on our clothes. Of greater concern, the paint could contact our skin, which could prove harmful. Those concerns can be eliminated by using the Washable Painters Protection Suits.

Made from premium quality nylon, the paint suit is designed for extended wear. The protection suit is anti-static coated and provides superior control over electro-static charges. In addition, these paint suits are completely washable and enable repeated use. The paint suits come in three different sizes to suit your body type. The paint suit is completely breathable for comfortable wear. The elastic back gives you a perfect fit when wearing. The rear pocket serves as a handy place to keep tools within easy reach.

The suit comes with Velcro sleeves that help you adjust the suit according to your requirement. The wide leg enables better and freer movement. The heavy duty zipper in the front helps you open and close the suit easily. The hood on the suit keeps your head and ears protected from overspray and vapors. The next time you pick up a painting project, remember to put on the Washable Painters Protection Suits.

Key Features of the Washable Painters Protection Suits:

  • Keeps paint and vapors from contacting your skin
  • Made out of premium nylon for maximum usage
  • Anti-static coating provides control over electro-static charges
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Breathable paint suits for comfortable wear
  • Elastic back provides better fit
  • Velcro sleeve helps in adjusting suit to requirement
  • Wider legs for better comfort
  • Two-way zipper
  • Rear pocket

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