Tecmate VacuumMate Allweather

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Carburetor/Fuel Injection Throttle Valve Synchronizer

VacuumMate Allweather is the industry standard for fast & accurate synchronizing of up to 4 x carburetor / fuel injection throttle valves on 2 and 4-stroke engines. VacuumMate displays the individual manifold pressure of 4 separate carburetors (or fuel injection throttle bodies) on four vertically arranged bright LED bars (40 LEDs per bar) visible in sunlight, making it ideal even for on-board marine & external use.

Features / Benefits

  • Fixed resolution accuracy of 0.5cmHg as recommended by motorcycle and outboard marine OEs
  • Built in tachometer displays engine speed in RPM (from pressure pulses, no additional pick-up required)
  • Dynamic mode to troubleshoot poor engine synchronizing
  • Displays valve sealing differences
  • 4 x industrial/medical grade MOTOROLA pressure transducers
  • Approved as a recommended tool by Mercury, Honda, Yamaha
  • Dynamic mode for troubleshooting valve sealing


  • Fuel and oil resistant rubber hoses
  • DC supply socket with a 6 1/2 Foot/200 Centimater power lead ending in battery clips
  • 4 x M5 flexi-rigid adapters
  • 4 x M6 flexi-rigid adapters
  • Fuel switch T-piece
  • Instructions for use


  • Display Type: LED
  • Speed Rate: 500 to 2500 RPM
  • Battery Type: Nigh
  • Power: 7.2 Volt
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