U-Pol Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty

• High density, easy to sand
• Can be poured or brushed
• Spreads easily
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Multi-Surface, High Density, Easy to Sand

Smooth minor imperfections on your automobile's body with the U-Pol Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty, and let it radiate sheen and an even finish after you paint it over. This 2K high viscosity polyester putty has a super smooth finish and is easy to spread. While you can apply it directly on the imperfections, it also works well as a final skim polyester putty repair.

What are the advantages of U-Pol finishing putty?
You can use this repair putty on vertical panels and it is very easy to sand. This tack free and stain free putty is very smooth and finds versatile application on a host of surfaces, such as galvanized and other zinc coated steels, aluminum, bare steel, SMC, GRP, and a variety of plastics and coated surfaces. With a self-leveling formula, it creates the perfect surface to paint with the need for very little sanding.

Dolphin glaze putty is available in two different packs - an aluminized 440 ml bag and an 880 ml squeeze-friendly bottle. With exceptional bonding properties, it stays put on the compatible surfaces.

How to use Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty
  1. Prepare the surface by gently abrading and degreasing it as necessary.
  2. Mix this polyester body filler with hardener in the ratio 50:1 in small quantities on a flat surface, non-porous in nature. You will need a mixing board, plastic or rubber spreader and a filler knife. It has a pot life of 4-5 minutes only, so you cannot mix large quantities of putty with the hardener.
  3. Apply on the imperfections and let it stay untouched for 20 minutes at 68°F.
  4. It is self-leveling and you will not have to sand it much. Wait for 20 minutes before you sand the putty.
  5. You can paint it over with ease since it is compatible with most paint systems on the market.

The U-Pol Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty is an ideal choice of original putty formulations to cover unsightly damage on metallic and plastic surfaces and give them a sheen that is evident on the topcoats.

Key Features of the U-Pol Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty:
  • 2K Brushable Polyester Body Filler: can be easily poured or brushed
  • Very Smooth and Viscous: spreads easily on the surface and levels flaws in a quick go
  • Self-Leveling: does not leave pinholes and is easy to sand
  • Compatible Substrates: such as bare steel, galvanized and zinc coated steels, GRP, SMC, aluminum, plastics and coated surfaces
  • Hardener Included: for mixing with the putty to promote effective gelling
  • Two Pack Sizes: 440 ml aluminized bag and 880 ml squeeze bottle

Technical Specifications

  • Appearance: Turquoise paste
  • Mixing Ratio: 2% by weight
  • Viscosity: 20,000 CP
  • Adhesion: 1,500 lbs/in
  • Hardness: 50 Shore D
  • Gel Time: 4-5 minutes @ 70°F with 2% hardener
  • Drying Time to Sand: 20 minutes
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture in original sealed pack
  • Preferred Storage Temperature: 41°F - 77°F

This item can only ship by ground within the Continental US.
Next Day or 2nd Day, AK & HI, & International delivery not available.

WARNING WARNING: This product can expose you to Styrene a chemical known to the State of California to cause Cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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