H&S Auto Shot Uni-Spotter Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum/Steel Dent Repair System - UNI-9862

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• Work on both steel and aluminum automotive panels
• Heavy-duty steel glue pulling system for PAINT ON  the panel jobs
• Quick change dedicated torches
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One Repair Station to Work on All Dent Repairs on All Vehicles

Your all-in-one solution for automotive dent repair in any capacity, this station comes equipped with tools and products designed to facilitate a seamless, thorough repair that exudes professional quality. It features products designed to work on both steel and aluminum automotive panels.

The stud welder included in the Uni-Spotter Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum/Steel Dent Repair System is actually a dually-housed system that meets the demands of steel and aluminum equally. On one side, a powerful transformer works to affect steel for seamless repairs; on the other, a capacitive discharge system for aluminum jobs. Both systems, though housed in the same container, feature separate grounds and welding guns to prevent any contamination from occurring.

For more invasive repairs that require comprehensive work, rely on the powerful stud welder in conjunction with an array of welding studs and pulling adapters. Properly assess and resolve all "paint off the panel" jobs to an unparalleled degree of excellence using only the equipment found within this station.

The versatility of being able to work on both steel and aluminum jobs from a single unit gives shops the ability to start reaping a return on their investment right from the moment they get this station. Because it's capable of both welding and glue-pulling repairs, aluminum and steel mediums, it offers the perfect methodology for each unique repair, and allows repair professionals to take a precise approach based on the scope and nature of work in front of them.

An innovative step forward in dent repair can also be seen in the uniquely designed pulling bridges offered by this system. Rather than utilizing a traditional clamping or lever system, the bridges included with these stations use a wheel-tightening system that allows for quick adjustment of pulling force and the stability of automatic locking via the threaded wheel system.

This station is designed for commercial use in auto body repair shops, offering a level of functionality and accessibility that encapsulates all necessary dent removal resources in a single, easy-to-use station.

Key Features of the Uni-Spotter Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum/Steel Dent Repair System - UNI-9862:

  • Designed to work on both steel and aluminum automotive panels
  • For PAINT OFF the panel jobs, the combo stud welder is designed to weld both steel and aluminum
  • 115V power supply
  • Includes power supply and cart stocked with accessories needed to complete the repair
  • Quick change dedicated torches
  • Digital Control panel: set panel thickness and stud diameters

System Includes:

  • DTK-7700 - Vacuum Dent Puller Kit
  • UNI-1065 - Pulling Rods (Pack of 4", 10", 14", 18")
  • UNI-1091 - Quick Pull 12" Bridge Puller
  • UNI-1092 - 34 Bridge Puller
  • UNI-1093 - 49" Bridge puller
  • UNI-1094 - Bridge Suction Cup & Strap
  • UNI-1142 - 250pk 4mm Al/Mg Studs
  • UNI-1162 - 250pk 6mm Al/Mg Studs
  • UNI-1242 - 250pk 4mm Al/Si Studs
  • UNI-1262 - 250pk 6mm Al/Si Studs
  • UNI-3005 - Propane Torch
  • UNI-7600-01 - UNI-Pull Stud & Tab Pulling Tool
  • UNI-7803 - 3-PCS Aluminum Hammer Kit
  • UNI-9812 - DUAL-PRO 2.0 Machine Cart 5-Drawer
  • UNI-9851 - Infrared Thermometer
  • UNI-9852 - Stainless Steel Wire Brush

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