H&S Auto Shot Uni-Clamp - 1080

SKU #1701172
• Designed to progressively pull heavy hits on structural repairs
• Each stud takes up to 500 lbs. of pull
• By tightening and loosening the screws, the pull can be controlled to only pull on the low spots of the dent
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Designed to Progressively Pull Heavy Hits on Structural Repairs


The Uni-Clamp allows you to pull heavy hits on structural repairs. This tool helps in holding the stud in place for easy out-of-position welding. The stud puller welds studs easily and quickly and also helps to increase accuracy when pulling small studs.

The Uni-Clamp is also designed for lighter repairs such as creases on body panels. The Uni-Clamp pulls creases on heavier panels as well as sheet metal parts, especially on automobiles and lighter trucks. This tool is best used with the help of a pulling tower or another source applied power.

This tool is a series of 11 studs that are closely welded together to a panel. You can then tighten the Uni-Clamp on the studs for a good pull. As you go about pulling the dent, you will observe that one section comes out first. To stop the pulling on any particular area, you will have to loosen the screws that secure the studs. The Uni-Clamp allows you to either tighten or loosen the screws to control the pull on low dent spots. This will result in an even and flat repair of the area.

Key Features of the Uni-Clamp:

  • Helps in weld 11 studs. Use the 1045 Eliminator Side by Side Adapter or any Uni-Spotter Stud Welder
  • To tighten each stud use the screw wrench (included)
  • Control pull on low spots and release screws on studs to stop pulling in a particular area
  • For tighter area, use the narrow five hole side and use the 11 hole side for larger pulls

NOTE: Studs not included.


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