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Transtar 2K Self-Etching Primer

SKU #TRE-6111
• Performs as a tie-coat
• Provides corrosion protection
• Olive green color
Price: $51.69–$153.99 $51.69–$153.99
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The Transtar 2K Self-Etching Primer is a two part self-etching and passivating primer that retards the corrosion process. The primer and primer activator has an easy 1:1 mix ratio and requires no induction time before its use. This system ensures excellent protection against corrosion to galvanized steel, bare metal, hot rolled steel, fiberglass, fully cured body fillers, aluminum, and degreased and sanded existing finishes. It eliminates the need for metal conditioning. The mixing of 6111/6121-F/Acetone @ 1:1:2 complies with California SCAQMD Rule for Group I and Group II vehicles for use as a pretreatment/wash primer. The 6111/6121-F acts as an excellent tie coat for any topcoat system when applied over unsanded E-coat panels.

The Transtar 2K Self-Etching Primer comes in an olive green color and has a shelf life of one year (unopened), and the activated primer has a pot life of up to five days when stored in a plastic container at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. For quicker drying, it can be force dried at 140°F (60°C) for up to 30 minutes, and then air dried for 15 minutes. To tie coat E-coat panels, clean the E-coated parts, prime with a minimum of two coats self-etch primer, flash for 30 minutes, before applying the topcoat while it is still wet. For the best finishing with this primer, apply 2-3 medium wet coats. It can also be recoated with topcoats after 45 minutes flash time without sanding. This self-etching primer gives perfect protection and an extra perfect finish to keep your automobiles in mint condition for a long time.

Key Features of the Transtar 2K Self-Etching Primer:

  • One year shelf life
  • Easy mix ratio of 1:1 by volume
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • No induction time required
  • Complies with California SCAQMD Rule 1151
  • Performs as tie coat

Primer Details:

  • Size Gallon or Quart
  • Package V.O.C 5.0#/gal (600g/l)
  • Color Olive Green
  • Solids RTU 25
  • Shelf Life 1 year
  • Mix Ratio (by volume) a.)(1:1),1 part 6111 to 1 part 6121-F b.)(*1:1:2),1
  • Actual/Regulatory V.O.C.: 5.1#/gal (609g/l)
  • Pot Life Up to 5 days @ 70°F and 50% relative humidity

Primer Activator Details:

  • Size Gallon or Quart
  • Package V.O.C 7.1#/gal (600g/l)
  • Solids RTU 25
  • Shelf Life 1 year
  • Mix Ratio (by volume) a.)(1:1),1 part 6111 to 1 part 6121-F b.)(*1:1:2),1
  • Actual V.O.C.: 1.4#/gal (169 g/l)
  • Regulatory V.O.C.: 6.7#/gal (807 g/l)
  • Pot Life Up to 5 days @ 70°F and 50% relative humidity

Technical Specifications

  • Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Size: 1 gallon or 1 quart

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WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Transtar 2K Self-Etching Primer Activator

SKU #TRE-6124-F
• For use with 2K Self-Etching Primer
• Available in quart or gallon sizes
Price: $29.99–$94.99 $29.99–$94.99

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