Steck Spec-Out Nib Files

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Remove dirt, blemishes, and paint runs effortlessly with the Steck Spec-Out Nib Files. These mini-files are high quality and are available in two types – fine and coarse. The tips of the teeth are polished to remove the imperfections without digging in. These 1-1/4″ long files are easy to use. Position the nib file and draw across the nib or run without too much force. Polish the surface to bring shine back to the surface.

Key Features of the Steck Spec-Out Nib Files:

  • Available in fine and coarse nibs
  • Removes dirt, blemishes, and paint runs
  • Honed teeth tips sand without digging in
Technical Specifications
  • Length: 1-1/4″
  • Made in the USA

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