Steck E-Z Store Door Alignment Tool - 21845

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Finally a Convenient Door Aligning Tool

Align automobile doors conveniently and quickly with the Steck E-Z Store Door Alignment Tool. Often, car doors do not close as smoothly as they were originally designed to. The door hinges may bend and sag with time and fail to operate properly. When the hinges give way, the door will end up hanging up on the door striker bolt every time you open it. 

Such an incidence calls for corrective action as it is usually the alignment that needs to be set right. A door alignment tool like this one helps adjust the door panel and the car door gap panel so that they match perfectly for closing.

This aligning tool for doors is compact enough to fit in your tool drawer. Shorter and lighter in weight than the usual bars available on the market, this door alignment tool accrues valuable space savings. Its compact nature allows you to store it in a handy place so that you can save time spent looking for it.

The quick and easy car door alignment tool makes use of a 1/2″ breaker bar to provide leverage during operation. Enabling you to adjust the hinges with better control, it helps in bringing the car doors in proper alignment.

How to use the Door Alignment Tool
  • Insert the reversible latch pin for the car you are looking to repair
  • Attach the door alignment tool to the door latch
  • Put a 3/4" socket and breaker bar on the hex on the E-Z store tool
  • Lock the open end of the E-Z store tool against the latch pin or loop on the frame of the door
  • Lift or lower the breaker to adjust the door
  • Remove the tool from the door with an unlatch action and close the door to check if the alignment is fine
  • Keep adjusting till you get the right alignment
Key Features of the Steck E-Z Store Door Alignment Tool – 21845
  • Space Saving: accommodates easily inside your tool drawer
  • Lightweight: makes it easy to handle, use and put aside for storage
  • Time Saving: compact design allows storage in one place so that you don't waste time hunting for it
Technical Specifications
  • Length: 8.8″
  • Width: 3.4″
  • Height: 2.4″
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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works as it ...
By Gerald Sheppard on Oct 17, 2013
works as it should


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