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Glows In The Dark for Better Visibility!

Unlock car doors easily with the Steck BigEasy Glo Lockout Kit. It is always better to use a professional lockout tool since traditional methods could cause damage to the vehicle.

Steck is a leading manufacturer of automotive lockout tools that are versatile enough to work with the advanced cars of today. BigEasy Glo Deluxe Lockout Kit is safe for use and helps actuate the lock button, electric locks, or door handle on 98% of all cars and trucks. This lockout kit is made in America and glows-in-the-dark to enable better visibility at night or through tinted windows.

With a length of 55″, this tool can open just about any door lock. The Easy Wedge allows controlled opening of the car door so that BigEasy can be easily inserted. An additional Non-marring Wedge also makes insertion of BigEasy effortless by creating a suitable opening.The Paint Protector reduces friction between the door and BigEasy unit. The kit also features a Lock Knob Lifter that enables lifting traditional and late model knobs at the top of the door.

How to use the Steck BigEasy Glo Lockout Kit

  1. Insert the plastic wedge at the uppermost rear corner of the front door frame. Start the wedge into the door gap and employ it to pry out the door frame to check the place where the weatherstrip contacts the body.
  2. Tap the wedge with the heel of the hand to carefully insert the wedge between the door body and the weatherstrip. Keep inserting the wedge till the gap is wide enough for the BigEasy Tool to get inside.
  3. Push the BigEasy Tool into the vehicle interior and make use of the tool tip to manipulate the sliding lock button, door handle, or the electric lock button.
  4. In case the bend on the BigEasy Tool is insufficient, remove the Tool and adjust the bend to suit the automobile. The Paint Protector decreases friction between the car door and the BigEasy Tool to prevent the powder coating on the tool from rubbing off.

Key Features of the Steck BigEasy Glo Lockout Kit:

  • Actuates the lock button, electric locks, or door handle on most of the automobiles available today
  • Complete Kit – includes BigEasy Glo Tool, Non-Marring Wedge, Easy Wedge, Lock Knob Lifter, and Paint Protector
  • Glow-in-the-dark feature imparts better visibility at night or through tinted windows
  • 55" long BigEasy Tool can reach any car lock easily
  • Lock Knob Lifter lifts traditional and late model knobs at the top of the door
  • Easy Wedge and Non-Marring Wedge enables controlled opening for easy insertion of the tool

Technical Specifications

  • Tool Length: 55″
  • Made in the USA

Instruction Sheet

BigEasy Informational Video


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