Steck BigEasy GLO Deluxe Lockout Kit

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Unlock Virtually Any Car Door With

The Steck BigEasy GLO Deluxe Lockout Kit actuates the lock button, electric locks, or door handles on light and heavy vehicles to unlock them easily. It contains 8 BigEasy tools to unlock any car door. This BigEasy is 55″ long and can reach any door lock. With a glow-in-the-dark feature, it provides visibility in the dark or through tinted windows. 

The EasyWedge creates a controlled opening of the door of the car so that the BigEasy tool can be inserted through it. This plastic wedge is smooth and safe and does not cause any damage to the door or weather stripping. The non-marring wedge creates an opening for inserting the BigEasy. 

Paint Protector reduces friction between the door and the BigEasy tool to prevent the powder coating from rubbing off. Lock knob lifter slides between the windows to lift a variety of knobs at the top of the door.

The BigEasy Night Light has a suction cup LED light that helps in lighting up dark car interiors. The BigEasy Extend is a snap-on accessory that provides an extra length of 12″ to reach tight spaces. It is built to glow-in-the-dark. The BigEasy Loop glows in the dark too, and it is designed to clip to any BigEasy for grabbing door handles and locks. Featuring convenient pockets to store all the unlocking tools, the accompanying carrying case helps you carry the tools conveniently.

The BigEasy GLO Deluxe Lockout Kit Includes:

  • (1) BigEasy GLO/Easy Wedge Lockout Kit - 32955
  • (1) BigEasy Loop - 32903
  • (1) BigEasy Extend - 32905
  • (1) BigEasy Night Light - 32933
  • (1) BigEasy Carrying Case - 32935

Key Features of the Steck BigEasy GLO Deluxe Lockout Kit:

  • 55″ long tool reaches any door lock
  • Glow-in-the-dark tools promote visibility in the dark
  • EasyWedge enables a controlled opening of the car door for the easy insertion of BigEasy
  • Paint Protector decreases friction between the car door and BigEasy tool
  • Non-marring wedge creates an opening in the car door for inserting BigEasy
  • Lock Knob Lifter helps in lifting knobs at the top of the door
  • BigEasy Night Light has a suction cup LED light
  • BigEasy Extend provides extra length to reach far away items
  • BigEasy Loop clips to the tool for an easy grasp on locks and door handles
  • Soft carry case has pockets for organizing the tools and for carrying them easily


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