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Contains 10% more than other brands

Get 10% more than other brands with PLIOGRIP Panel Bonding from Auto Body Toolmart. The PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline Panel 60 is a panel bonding adhesive that effectively bonds bare metal, aluminum, e-coat, and SMC or fiberglass. It can be easily weld-bonded with MIG or compression spot weld and does not require welding. This 220 ml cartridge has a long two-year shelf life, ensuring good quality for a long time. It has an MPH 40% solid barrier off the front that has been successfully crash tested, and meets FMVSS 301 Fuel Integrity and FMVSS 208 40 standards. It also meets GM6449G standards.

The PLIOGRIP Panel Bonding is a time-saving adhesive and does not require body fillers. It can be sanded down to a feather edge and painted, all in a single step. It can be used to bond roof panels, rear body panels, quarter panels and door skins of an automobile too. This non-flammable panel bonding adhesive has high resistance to heat, and also has the added bonus of being completely odorless. The PLIOGRIP Panel Bonding ensures a cost effective, time saving and long lasting solution to your auto body repair needs.

Key Features of PLIOGRIP Panel 60:

  • Meets GM6449G standards
  • No welding required
  • Non-flammable
  • Sandable to feather edge and paintable
  • No bodyfiller required
  • Bonds bare metal, e-coat, SMC/fiberglass, aluminum
  • Meets FFMCSS 301 and FMVSS 208 40 standards
  • MPH 40% off-frontal solid barrier
  • Odorless

60 Application:

  • Bonding of bare metal, Aluminum and SMC/Fiberglass, Quarter panels, Door skins, Rear body panels, Roof skins, Bedsides
  • Work Time: 60 minutes
  • Handling Strength: 4 hours at room temperature or 10-15 minutes at 180°F
  • Paint Time: 8 hours at room temperature or 25-30 minutes at 180°F

PLIOGRIP 220ml Manual Dispensing Gun

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