Pantherfelt Lightweight Welding Blanket - 1590

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SKU #1700673
• Deflects weld spatter
• Fiberglass core
• Large 54" x 60" Size
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Welding blankets are a necessity for the safety and protection of the technician as well as any nearby equipment.

Welding blankets are thick covers made of fire-resistant cloth for protecting vehicles surfaces from heat, sparks, and weld splatter. They should be placed over painted surfaces, glass, upholstery, plastic parts and any surface that can be harmed by the welding.

Lightweight welding blanket are good for simple jobs which produce limited amounts of spatter and sparks. You definitely do not want to get any weld spatter on glass surfaces. The glass will pit badly if molten weld splatter lands on it. The Pantherfelt Lightweight Welding Blanket is made with a Fiberglass Core. This will provide excellent protection from sparks, slag, molten metal, fluids such as oil and solvents. Because it has a built in reinforcement, the Pantherfelt Welding Blanket is durable and resistant to tears and other types of damage. It is well made and resists burning from direct flame, heavy sprays and molten material. Because of it's 54" x 60" size, the Pantherfelt Welding Blanket drapes nicely over uneven surfaces and protects delicate surfaces from abrasion.

  • Made to deflect spatter
  • Supple & flexible
  • Lightweight material with a Fiberglass Core
  • Completely non-flammable, will not burn, melt, or drip
  • 1800 F. Continuous Service
  • 3000 F. Momentary Maximum
  • Large 54" x 60"
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1 review
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We Thank you ...
By Steve Carr on Jan 9, 2018
We Thank you . delevery is fast . but were still waiting for one more Item The ACTRON AUTO SCANNER PLUS CODE CONNECT WITH ABS AIR BAG Coverage -CP9680EDUARDO SHIERLY MAOMAY


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