Mirka Autonet 6" Dust Free Mesh Discs

SKU #1805481
• Eliminates clogging and pilling
• Aluminum oxide abrasive
• Use for a variety of applications
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Are you troubled by the dust sanding generates? Worry no longer as the innovative Mirka Autonet 6" Dust Free Mesh Discs are here to provide dust-free sanding. The dust extraction ability of these discs creates a cleaner and healthier environment for the operators. Minimal dust from sanding means that there is less contamination in the workplace. Tests prove that Autonet mesh disc produces very minimal dust.

Clogging and piling can create defects in the sanding surface. Therefore, less dust means less clogging and piling on the abrasive surface. When the abrasive surface is cleaner, it ensures that the surface lasts longer for use. With dust constantly sucked away, it gives you a chance to visually check your operation on the surface reducing problems like over-sanding.

The Mirka Autonet 6" Dust Free Mesh Discs come in different varieties to suit different applications.

  • 50 Discs per box
  • Grits P80 to P180: ideal for filler sanding and removal of substrate down to bare metal. They feature optimal fast cut characteristics and provide good visual control as well as long-lasting durability
  • Grits P180 to P320: ideal for surface preparation and feathering of repair edges. They feature a fast cut with an even, uniform sanding pattern, along with excellent visual control and long-lasting durability
  • Grits P320 to P800: ideal for primer sanding as well as the "keying" of all surfaces including the latest high-tech top coats and clearcoats. They offer a particularly long lifespan when sanding new low VOC primers
  • Velcro/hook and loop

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