AES GM Door Hinge Spring Tool - 21900

SKU #1805610
• Removes or installs door hinge springs
• For GM vehicles
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Your auto body workshop needs the GM Door Hinge Spring Tool that is designed specifically to remove and install door hinge springs for GM cars and light trucks. The tool is safe for coil springs in GM doors. The tool encloses the spring and slides safely. It also compresses the spring for easy and safe removal. Use a 1/2" open end or ratcheting box wrench with the door hinge spring tool.

For Power Door Components Perform the Following Procedure

  • Disconnect battery cable
  • If it is possible to access the wiring, remove the retainer from the wiring harness grommet
  • If access to the wiring is not possible, then you will have to remove the door trim panel, unplug the electrical harness connector from the door motor and remove the harness from the door.

To Remove A Door Perform The Following Procedure

  • Apply a cloth-backed tape to the body pillar and door for protection
  • Remove the door hinge spring with the GM Door Hinge Spring Tool
  • To remove the door hinge pin clips, you must spread the clips to move them above the pin recess
  • With the help of a soft hammer and pliers, remove the lower pin from the door hinge and install a bolt to hold the door in place
  • Remove the upper door hinge, remove the lower bolt and then remove the door.

To Install A Door Perform The Following Procedure

  • Position the door on the hinges and insert a bolt at the lower hinge pin hole to hold the door
  • With the help of a new hinge pin clip, install the upper hinge pin
  • Use a new hinge pin clip for the lower hinge, but first remove the temporary bolt
  • Re-engage the wiring for the power door components, install the trim panel and then connect the negative battery cable.

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