Equalizer Express® Blades

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Developed from daily use on hundreds of different vehicles.

Made of a proprietary grade of stainless steel.


  • Most used size, perfect for slicing through wide bands of urethane.
  • Works well in all places where you plunge cut or angle cut.


  • Great for removing glass that is not broken.
  • Its narrow width is more flexible, which puts less stress on the glass.


  • Works well where the urethane is far below the glass, but there is a limited amount of vertical space inside the vehicle.


  • Works well where the urethane is very deep below the dash.

Handle is made of aluminum and is a full 8-1/2" long (perfect for two handed operation).

Blade can be set into the handle at any depth from 3/4" up to 3-3/4" just by tightening the steel screw into the blade when you have set the blade at the desired depth.

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