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DeVilbiss HAF-6 Replacement Filter Element Kit - 190727

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The DeVilbiss HAF-6 Replacement Filter Element Kit is meant to work with the DAD-500 (6983) DeVilbiss Desiccant Air Dryer System. A properly maintained DAD-500 DeVilbiss Desiccant Air Dryer System reduces the chances of paint defects.

Why DeVilbiss?

Today's spray finishing poses a lot of challenges and selecting the right set of equipment is the primary step towards clean and contaminant-free air. DeVilbiss not only creates high-tech spray guns but also creates specialty equipments to support them.

Why is it necessary to keep the air clean in your filtering system?

Even a speck of dirt can ruin your beloved project. A small amount of oil, dirt or water in your air filtering pipeline can create pinholes, fisheyes, dulling and blushing, which means that the job is no longer perfect and may require refinishing. This could cost you a lot of extra time and money. Your equipment must be kept contaminant-free, and the right filter will make all the difference.

Installation principles to reduce contamination

  • Use the right sized air compressor for applications. When you overwork your compressor it can produce significant amounts of oil and dirt
  • It is very important that your piping system is perfect. This avoids condensation inside the pipeline and in the process reduces contamination to the air supply

CleanAir Three-Stage Desiccant Unit

For clean, dry air, you can bank upon the DeVilbiss CleanAir Three-Stage Desiccant Unit. Perfect for low to medium production, the DAD-500 air-drying system consists of three filtering units. The first stage centrifugal filter removes particulates to 5 microns. The second stage coalescer filter removes particles down to .01 microns, and the third desiccant stage clears the water vapor to a dew point of -40 degrees F.

DeVilbiss HAF-6 Replacement Filter Element Kit

This kit contains the replacement filter that is the first stage water separator filter element. This filter can remove particles down to 5 microns. It is vital that you change this filter regularly to prevent contamination.

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