DeVilbiss CamAir QC3 Air Filter & Dryer - 130525

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If you are looking for a compact, light duty air filter and dryer, then the DeVilbiss CamAir QC3 Air Filter & Dryer is what you need. Air quality plays a significant part in compressed air systems. Rightly treated compressed air along with a proper dryer can help in increasing the efficiency of the system, product quality, productivity, and process precision.

When selecting an air filter and dryer, it is vital that you look for a quality product that can enhance the efficiency of the entire air compressor system. The DeVilbiss CamAir QC3 Air Filter & Dryer provides high-quality treatment that protects your compressed air system. An excellent choice for light usage, the DeVilbiss air filter and dryer increases efficiency in customizers, restorers, and low volume shops.

Why do you need compressed air in your auto body workshop?

Compressed air, stored under pressure is used to power tools and to atomize paint. There are various types of air compressors available on the market today. The air pressure required for your auto body workshop is determined by the highest minimum pressure tool requirement.

Compressed air is more flexible than electrical tools since you can move the compressor can wherever required. Using a regulator with the compressed air can enable you to use various pressure ranges, all within a single piping system.

Why do you need an air filter?

Air filters help in reducing contamination in your air stream. Filters protect your valuable equipment and critical processes. The DeVilbiss CamAir QC3 Air Filter, engineered with top-quality components, is rigorously tested to provide consistent quality air for your systems.

How is an air dryer useful?

An air dryer in your compressed air system helps in reducing the amount of water suspended in the air. An air dryer ensures that your air compressor always performs at its peak and reduces maintenance investments significantly.

Key Features of the DeVilbiss CamAir QC3 Air Filter & Dryer:

  • Perfect for light usage, such as restorers, low volume shops, customizers, and hobbyists
  • Produces clean humidity and oil-free air with 0.1-micron rating three-stage filtering
  • Filter cartridge is easy to maintain and can be changed quickly
  • Includes bowl removal tool
  • Larger filter media and longer life desiccant than disposable dryers
  • Install at point of use

Technical Specifications:

  • Air Inlet: 1/2" NPT (Male)
  • Air Outlet: 1/2" NPSM (Male)
  • Air Flow Capacity: 16 CFM
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 150 PSI

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