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Dent Fix Hot Stapler Replacement Clips

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Make strong repairs on worn-out plastic parts with the these Hot Stapler Replacement Clips. These clips can be used in a hot stapler for repairing and strengthening thermoplastic parts with stainless steel staples. They have simple designs and are compact in size to reduce repair effort. They notch leads easily so that the leads remove by hand, and don't require snipping. These replacement clips save valuable time. If the leads sink deep enough, they will break below the surface of the plastic.

There are different shapes of replacement clips available – Z clip, U clip, W clip, S clip, V clip, M clip, and N clip. These clips wortk with the Dent Fix Hot Stapler, Motor Guard Magna Sticker and Astro Hot Staple Guns. While some of these staple clips have universal use, it is essential to select which clip that fits each situation the best. Each of these stainless steel replacement clips is available separately for sale.

  • Z Clip (Stitch Tears) – is synonymous with versatility. It helps repair general tears and forms a natural stitch. It is appropriate for use on small and delicate tears without much obstruction. Placed at 1 to 1.5-inch intervals on straight breaks and open spaces. The Z clip can also be used on curved cracks and areas that need to bear heavy loads.
  • M Clip (Outside Corner) – comes handy when the inside corner of the broken part cannot be accessed from the backside. Use the M clip on the front of the repair so that you get optimum results. It is also time-saving since you do not need to remove the part of the vehicle.
  • N Clip (Large Areas) – helps repair straight cracks located in high vibration areas like plastic supports under the hood. This clip has a larger footprint and the extra width helps it cover a wider surface area. A larger footprint ensures that it can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • V Clip (Inside Corner): works on the inside corners of right angles. It reinforces 90-degree angles from the inside for concealing repairs on the back side.
  • S Clip (Stitch Holes): is good for use in areas such as round curves as also those where there aren't many blockades. Use these on open area cracks by giving a clockwise twist and submerging the staple into the plastic while it is still hot.
  • W Clip (Grip Corner) – is useful in repair situations when V clip does not work. Due to its shape, it can provide better support to thicker gauge plastic. The ridges help in providing more stable surface areas so that the staple can add strength to the corners.
  • U Clip (Rounded Corner): suits curved applications that involve rounded corners. This clip works well on curved areas around screw and plastic rivet holes.
Technical Specifications
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 4"

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