CHAMP® Floor Anchor Pot 1600

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Chain cars to the floor in your auto body shop firmly with the Champ Floor Anchor Pot 1600 and it will help you work efficiently.

Made in the USA with premium quality materials, this anchor pot with a removable chain is capable of a sturdy, 10-ton performance. The removable chain ensures that the entire anchor pot does not require a replacement if the chain happens to break during the course of use. What's more, you can remove and relocate the anchor pot, as and when you find necessary, to carry out automotive pulling jobs.

Core drill and install this chain type anchor pot to your concrete floor and it becomes a useful addition in your workshop. Here's an outline of one of the methods of installing a floor anchor pot.

The anchor pot is installed in the holes and the height is set by applying a reasonable amount of pressure on it. This makes it stay put till you begin using it for pulling. You could use a simple floor jack to help you with the installation process. Lay a board or piece of steel over the lip of the hole so that the pot is not able to come past it. Place the wheels or jack front over the board to set the pot by using the right down pressure, which is the same as the upward pull.

You need to keep in mind that the saddle of the jack should be over the pot center. Envelop the saddle with a chain and attach the pot to the chain or release it in the T-top and fasten it to the saddle. Pumping the jack will set the pot and hold it at the height you want. While you use and apply pressure each time, you will be able to set the anchor pot even harder.

This floor anchor pot is designed to tighten with every pulling effort. Quick to install and easy to use, the Champ Floor Anchor Pot 1600 can serve you tirelessly through body work or help you in straightening axles.

Key Features of the Champ Floor Anchor Pot:

  • Quick Installation: requires simple core drilling to get it working on concrete floor
  • Removable Chain: takes care that the entire pot does not require to be replaced each time it breaks
  • Easy Re-installation: if there is a need to shift it to another location
Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 3-1/2"
  • Chain Grommet Thickness: 3/8"
  • Sleeve Height: 4"
  • Made in the USA

Anchor Pot Options:

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4" minimum concrete depth required for installation.

Air & Express delivery is available on Anchor Pots. Due to weight, shipping rates must be quoted by phone. Please call 800-382-1200.

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1 review
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New Construction - Worked Great
By Eric on Sep 11, 2021
These worked great for me on my new shop build. My application was new construction, so I poured wet concrete around them rather than needing to core a hole. I also purchased the plates for these (champ 1600), which I welded in place after driving the wedge tight (not required, but seemed like a good idea). Following the instructions I filled the inside of the pot with paper and also wadded paper around the bottom end where the chain and taper wedge extend thru and wrapped in duct tape. This keeps wet concrete out of the pots and will also allow a little air space at the end so you can change out the chain later if needed. These are built well and even if you are installing in cured concrete, I cant imagine them pulling out if you installed correctly (in cured concrete you need to core a hole and use a hydraulic jack to set the wedge). Installing at time of pour is even easier in my opinion - the most difficult task is getting the concrete "pretty" around the top of the anchor pot (expect some minor defects). After construction was complete, the lids were somewhat beat up, and I found I was able to buy lids only from autobodytoolmart also!


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