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Repair dents on automobile surfaces like a professional with Bullseye Picks that are available in three sizes. These picks work well for metal finishing on areas around a weld seam, particularly on fabricated body work. Use a bullseye pick to make metals straight quickly and accurately in blind areas. With a choice among three throat depths of 15", 20" and 30", these picks aid restoration projects too since they can reach difficult to reach areas.

The handle of these picks is loaded with a spring to enable you to strike light blows accurately and repeatedly. It is not necessary to have a flat surface for these picks to work. You can just tilt it to the right angle that will clear an underside brace, and it will give you exceptional results. The spring-loaded handle provides a comfortable grip and returns to the open position when you release it. Besides being comfortable, the pick provides an unfailing grip to let you accomplish your tasks with precision.

The Bullseye Picks are available for individual purchase as per the size. You can purchase individually or you can buy all 3 and save!. It is now easy to get professional results on any metal finishing activity you undertake around welds when you use these sturdy picks.

Champ Bullseye Picks Sizes:

  • 15" Bullseye Pick
  • 20" Bullseye Pick
  • 30" Bullseye Pick
  • Buy all 3 and Save!

Key Features of the Bullseye Picks - Champ:

  • Gets around areas that are difficult to reach to help with repair jobs
  • Spring-loaded to return to open position after you release the pick
  • A blunt tip will prevent scratch marks on the metal part it grips, particularly aluminum
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Available in three sizes for individual or bundled purchase

Technical Specifications

  • Throat Depth Options: 15", 20", 30"
  • Made in the USA


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