Karajen Booth Box II

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Increase the efficiency and productivity of your spray booth when you install the Booth Box II. This magnetic double-compartment cabinet is designed specifically for the interiors of your spray booth and easily adds extra storage capacity to your booth. The booth box prevents the loss of valuable space in your booth and at the same time keeps all your equipment organized and easy to reach. The box easily keeps tools and supplies clean and free of overspray. Paint and supplies can stay out the way until you want to use them.

Made of pre-coated steel panels, the booth box structure is extremely durable and long-lasting. The cabinet helps you store paint items such as dirt-pick tools, tape, tweezers, tack cloth, razor blades and other supplies within easy reach. This avoids unnecessary entry and exit to and from the booth during a paint job session.

The box works great with all disposable cup systems too. The magnets in the box help in holding dirt picks, razors and more for convenient access. The box has the provision to hold two gun holders easily. The open space between the cabinet and the wall eliminates the chances of pocketing overspray. The box comes with a sloped design that prevents the restriction of airflow. The mounting hooks on the Booth Box II provide easy and faster mobility of the box.

Key Features of the Booth Box II:
  • Increases the production and efficiency of your paint booth
  • Designed for spray booth interiors, this box adds extra storage to your spray booth
  • Holds two spray guns and has two compartments that store tools without the fear of overspray
  • Pre-coated panels boast a 20-gauge steel construction for better durability
  • Avoids the need for unnecessary trips in and out of the paint booth during a painting session
  • Open space between the cabinet and the wall for pocketing overspray
  • Sloped design prevents airflow restriction
  • Dimensions: 15.5"w x 12.25"h x 7.5"d
  • Made in the USA
  • Two Mounting Options: Magnetic Mount or Wall Mount
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